Drift is a new print magazine devoted to coffee culture. Each issue takes us to a different city across the globe, as our writers and photographers dive into what makes a city’s coffee scene tick. Our fifth issue takes us to Australia’s cultural capital, where we tag graffiti-covered walls in back alleys, sip espresso martinis, go deep on sustainability, and meet asylum-seeking immigrants making Australia home. Drift: Melbourne is about what it’s like to drink coffee in Victoria’s capital, in a diverse, culture-rich city that’s built one of the world’s most influential coffee scenes.

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11 x 8.6 Inches / 159 Pages

This issue contains stories about Melbourne, its coffee, and the people who drink it. For our fifth issue, we hear from dozens of locals, shop owners, roasters, patrons, entrepreneurs, writers, and photographers about what it’s like to drink coffee in Melbourne. The capital of Victoria is flush with cafes, boasting one of the highest concentrations of coffee shops per capita in the world.  Home of the flat white and avocado toast, this unsuspecting epicenter of the coffee world is at a crossroads, as its most towering figures take what they’ve learned to enterprises overseas, and leave the Australian city to recalibrate its identity.

Drift, Melbourne guides us from Italy to Bali to New York, from 19th century pioneers to the future, as we take a magnifying glass to what makes Melbourne’s coffee scene tick.