Oh So Pretty

Oh So Pretty


Punk in Print: 1976-1980

From the collection of Toby Mott

This book is an unrivaled collection of visually striking ephemera from Britain’s punk subculture. It presents 500 artefacts - 'zines,' gig posters, flyers, and badges - from well-known and obscure musical acts, designers, venues, and related political groups. While punk was first and foremost a music phenomenon, it reflected a DIY spirit and instantly recognizable aesthetic that was as raw and strident and irrepressible as the music. As disposable as the items in this book once were, together they tell a story about music, history, class, and art, and document a seismic shift in society and visual culture.

Published by Phaidon, 2016

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8.5 X 11 IN / 512 Pages